COBRA Administration Services and Compliance Simplified
Since 1994, Discovery Benefits has simplified COBRA services as a COBRA administrator for employers nationwide. We handle the COBRA administration, stay current on regulatory changes and communicate with employees and COBRA insurance carriers.  

To make it even easier for employers to focus their efforts on currently active employees, we also offer custom non-COBRA billing and payment processing services, including:

  • Retiree Billing
  • Leave of Absence/FMLA Billing
  • Loan Repayment Invoicing (e.g. 401K)
  • Disability Billing

Advocacy Counts
Discovery Benefits is committed to bringing the best of the best to our clients and continuing coverage. COBRA might not be the best option for all.  That's why in 2014, Discovery Benefits brought you The Discovery Marketplace, another option for healthcare coverage.  The Discovery Marketplace provides a wide array of products ranging from health insurance to identity theft protection.  The Discovery Marketplace offers competitive plans to fit the needs of many. Learn more here.

The Benefits of COBRA Administration with Discovery Benefits

  • Advocate.  We look out for participants of our COBRA services. Discovery Benefits assumes responsibility for COBRA administration, including direct communication with participants, sending all relevant COBRA notices and providing real-time reporting.
  • Support.  As COBRA administrator, Discovery offers continuous education and support for COBRA employers and participants.  Our account management team members are COBRA certified annually.  Live customer representatives are available via phone, email or online chat.
  • Options.  Discovery Benefits offers multiple COBRA payment options, including automated ACH and online bill pay.  We feature The Discovery Marketplace, a web-based exchange that allows COBRA-eligible individuals to shop for plans tailored to their needs and life situation in lieu of electing standard COBRA benefits.