Discovery SmartCommute™: What It Is and Why It Matters

December 5, 2019

The daily work commute is changing. With fewer Americans driving to work than a decade ago, many employers are turning to Commuter Benefits as a way to differentiate their employee benefits offerings from the competition. These plans are also an enticing recruiting tool for those who get to and from work in ways other than their own vehicles.

Discovery SmartCommute™ (available in select cities) makes it even easier for participants to save money. Find out more about the program and how it helps you and your employees save money.

What is SmartCommute™?

SmartCommute™ lets participants load Commuter Benefits funds directly onto a specific transit authority’s smart card. This allows them to spend their funds by swiping the smart cards they’ve always used. It’s another flexible way for participants to tap into their funds. 

Where is SmartCommute™ available?

Our participants can directly load their Commuter Benefits funds onto Chicago’s Ventra® card, San Francisco’s Clipper® card and Washington, D.C.’s Metro Area Transit Authority (WMATA) SmarTrip® card.

How do you and your employees benefit?

Your employees can save 40 percent or more on their monthly commuting costs by participating in Commuter Benefits. And you reduce your FICA tax burden with each enrollment (more than $240 annually per maximum plan enrollment). Because SmartCommute™ gives your employees a familiar way to access their funds, it boosts participation. In the last year, our orders increased year-over-year 213%  in Chicago, 66% in San Francisco and 30% in Washington, D.C.

How easy is it to load funds onto smart cards?

Participants can make SmartCommute™ purchases right from their online accounts. They simply log in to their account. Then, under the “I Want To …” section, click “Place Commuter Order” and complete the prompted steps.

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