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November 6, 2019

Open communication and continuous learning are two of our core values. We strive to be transparent, and when we can help you learn more about your employee benefits, we make sure you’re equipped with the education, tools and tips you need to have the best experience with us.

Our blog plays a central role in this mission. Since open enrollment is such a pivotal moment on the employee benefits calendar, we’ve compiled all of our recent posts here so you’ll have fast access to the information you need to secure the best open enrollment. And download your Open Enrollment Prep To-Do Checklist, which can serve as a roadmap for this important time of year.

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3 ways to enhance your employee benefits

Did you know that the single highest priority for employers over the next three years is to diversify or expand their benefits choices for their employees? How does your employee benefits package stand out against your competition when you’re trying to recruit and retain the best talent? Check out this blog post to see what three things might be missing from your benefits offerings.

Analytics as a guide for making the best decisions

One of the best ways to ensure open enrollment success in your next plan year is to evaluate previous plan years. Your employees’ feedback and their participation rates can influence your offerings and communication strategy this time around. We’ve compiled three suggestions in this blog post to help you collect and leverage the power of data and analytics.

Get to know COBRA open enrollment

Your COBRA members also experience open enrollment, though it can take on a much different look than the one your active employees experience. Check out our blog post that introduces the five things you should know about COBRA open enrollment. 

5 employee questions when enrolling in an FSA

There are four types of Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), and each one has its unique benefits. Whether your employees are new to FSAs or they would just like some tips after they’ve chosen to participate in one, this blog post outlines five questions they should answer.

5 employee questions when enrolling in an HSA

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are full of savings and investment potential. And the participation in HSAs continues to grow, as more and more Americans see the appeal of these accounts. Our blog post details some of the basic questions your employees should answer when choosing an HSA during open enrollment.

Tips when choosing between an HDHP and traditional health plan

An emerging trend is employers giving their employees the option of choosing between a High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) and a traditional health plan. If you provide options, this blog post gives them four things they should consider when making a decision between the two types of health plans.  

One way you can make an HSA even better

You can still participate in certain types of FSAs even when you are enrolled in an HSA. Find out more about what FSAs that HSA participants are eligible for and learn how pairing these two accounts enhances your employee benefits.

Would you like even more tips? Check out our open enrollment blog posts from last year.

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