5 Ways to Energize Your Employees' Wellness Program This Summer

July 2, 2019

Summer presents you with the perfect opportunity to heat up your employee wellness initiatives. An effective employee wellness program can help unlock your employees’ productivity potential and encourage healthier lifestyle habits. We’ve compiled a few ways you can customize your strategy to get the most out of the summer months.

Summer employee wellness

Walk and talk

Meetings are a fact of life for many employees. But that doesn’t mean the setting needs to be a windowless conference room. Walking meetings have tangible wellness benefits, allowing you to activate your brain through the power of your feet. Walking has been found to increase a person’s ability to think creatively and promote more honest exchanges between employees. 

Get in the game

Hosting office tournaments is a great way to encourage relationship building across departments and inject a little light-hearted competition into your workplace. Summer is the optimal time to organize a company kickball or volleyball tournament for your employees’ morning and afternoon breaks. And, when they’re off the clock, you can consider sponsoring a company softball team or subsidize your employees’ entry fees for participating in a marathon or 5K.  

Give back

Volunteering helps you build a workforce that’s more engaged, less stressed and healthier. And nearly two-thirds of employees say volunteering strengthens their relationships with their co-workers. Volunteer opportunities that tend to be in most need during the summer months include food banks and animal shelters.

Host fitness challenges

Fitness trackers are playing an emerging role in employee wellness programs, with an estimated 13 million activity-tracking devices integrated into these programs in 2018 (a sharp increase from just a few years earlier). Encourage your employees to take advantage of this technology by offering to cover some or all of the cost of these devices, then hosting office step or walking distance challenges.

Grow through gardening

You can nurture your employees to develop healthier lifestyles by simply planting a seed! Increasingly, employers are trying to help their employees achieve mental and physical wellbeing by tapping into the health benefits of gardening. Establishing a corporate garden is a great way for your employees to collaborate with one another while producing healthy fruits and vegetables for everyone to enjoy.

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