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June 12, 2019

With increased price transparency and global competition, many businesses are increasingly turning to customer service as a key differentiator. That’s why nearly 80 percent of customer service decision-makers say they can justify a business case for increased service investments.

We recently published a white paper about addressing customer variability in a competitive market. Complete the form below to download your free white paper and keep reading to get answers to three questions we asked our Senior Vice President of Client Onboarding, Mark Youngblood, to give you additional insight into what companies should consider in their customer service model.

Q: How do you balance offering digital service while still making it personal?

A: It’s really all about continuity between systems and demonstrating that you know and understand customers. If you have disparate systems and you make it difficult for customers to find support, people will leave.

Customers don’t want to keep restating the same problem as they work through your service model. It’s about finding ways to make sure your systems align and that customers don’t have to struggle for assistance or repeat their problems. Nobody wants to feel like a number.

Q: You outlined four basic service accommodation strategies in the white paper. What insight do you have for businesses trying to determine the right strategy?

A: When possible, you should involve your customers or involve a customer service focus group. I’m all about engaging the customer. Don’t make assumptions about what they want. Just ask them. Is it some amount of self-help? Is it making the waiting better for customers? That depends on the business and how well you know the customer. And there’s a financial component, too.

It’s about creating a service experience that’s so unique and so valued that it results in deep value to them. Customer satisfaction doesn’t necessarily equate to loyalty. Research and data show that only truly deep satisfaction encourages customer loyalty. You can do that through a unique experience and meaningful connections with clients. People want to feel special.

Q: What do you hope readers take away from the white paper?

A: Creating a service experience that differentiates your business in the marketplace is so important today. It’s not easy. People are willing to pay for convenience and a unique experience. It’s about finding differentiation and creating an experience that’s simple for the customers and challenging for your competition to easily replicate.  

Would you like to learn more about customer variability and how it fits into your service strategy? Complete the form above to download our white paper today!

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