3 Ways We’ve Improved the Client Experience in LEAP™

June 5, 2019

With technology changing faster than ever before, it’s important for businesses to continually look for new ways to improve the user experience they provide. That can mean developing new technology or enhancing what they currently have.

At Discovery Benefits, your feedback drives many of our innovative initiatives, particularly when it comes to LEAP™ by Discovery Benefits. Keep reading to find out how some of the more recent investments we’ve made in technology have enhanced your user experience and the service we provide. And complete the form below to get your free whitepaper and learn more about the importance of businesses creating a service model that puts the customer first.

Simplified navigation

LEAP™ is your go-to platform for your plan administration. In recent years, a number of helpful apps were added to LEAP™ to put even more information and capability at your fingertips. We recently took another innovative step by making these apps more easily accessible. This was part of a holistic redesign that aligns the look and feel of LEAP™ with our website, providing a more consistent experience built around a modern design that’s easier to navigate.

Flexible case management

When you have questions, we provide you with multiple ways to contact us and get the answers you need. That’s why we released the Discovery Answers™ knowledgebase, which lets you search help articles within LEAP™ to learn more about anything related to your administration.

Recently, we released an enhanced Discovery Answers™, making it even more intuitive. The latest updates let you search within topics so you can get detailed answers faster. We also released additional options for providing feedback on each article so we can collect better insight into what’s helpful or what to improve. And lastly, we improved the ability to print content directly from Discovery Answers™, making it easier for you to print and share articles as handouts for your employees.  

Expanded analytics

Statistics, especially in the form of graphs and charts, can help you better understand how your employees are using their benefits and what questions they might still have related to their plans. Discovery Analytics™, accessible within LEAP™, is the only platform in the industry to put real-time analytics about all of your administrative services right at your fingertips.

We recently enhanced Discovery Analytics™ with an eye on open enrollment, since that time of year plays such a pivotal role in the success of your entire plan year. You now have access to additional data related to your employees’ participation in your plans through Discovery Analytics™ so you can make more educated decisions prior to open enrollment.

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