How Technology and Automation Simplify Your Direct Bill Needs

May 2, 2019

Managing healthcare coverage and benefits for your active employee population can be time-consuming. An even greater challenge is doing so for retired employees and for those on leaves of absence (LOA).

That’s why many employers turn to third-party administrators for Direct Bill administration. They can offer innovative technology that streamlines billing to help you, your retirees and your LOA employees. We wanted to share with you a few ways technology and automation can transform your Direct Bill needs. (And complete the form below to get your free eBook and see how automation and integration can improve your COBRA administration!)

Simplified communication

Since retirees and LOA employees aren’t part of your active employee population, you need to take extra steps to keep lines of communication open with them. This includes knowing where to send premium notices and how to inform them of any changes or updates to their coverage options.

We’ve developed automation that takes the stress out of managing retiree and LOA employee communications. Automated solutions make sure your Direct Bill members know when open enrollment begins or when their plans have changed. We also communicate any eligibility and coverage changes to your insurance carriers.

Customized billing options

We understand employers have different processes. And many of our clients seek to provide their retirees and LOA employees with an experience that’s similar to when they were active employees.

That’s why we offer innovative systems that make it easy to customize your Direct Bill administration to fit your needs. Our options include the ability to send payment coupon books or payment notices each pay period and gives you the ability to allow customized grace periods so your members have more time to make payments.

Easy payment methods

Retirees want freedom from financial worries and flexibility in retirement. They want options when paying their healthcare premiums. The same goes for your LOA employees, since their free time might be precious if they’re on leave due to a health or family reason.

We offer flexible payment options for your Direct Bill members. They can access their payment options through the COBRA Mobile App by Discovery Benefits or their online account, and can set up recurring automatic payments so they don’t have to worry about missing a payment.

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