3 Surprising Ways Commuter Benefits Make for Healthier Employees

February 1, 2019

Happy employees are more productive, increase sales and even impact your stock price! And the experience they have commuting to and from work is just as important as the one they have at the office. For example, nearly one-quarter of all employees have left their jobs because of a bad work commute.

Although it might not seem obvious at first, Commuter Benefits can help improve your employees’ overall health and wellness. Keep reading to find out how these plans can transform your workplace culture. And complete the form below to get your free white paper to learn more about the modern work commute and how you can offer a Commuter Benefits plan that will boost recruiting and retention. 

Improve job satisfaction

The time spent on the commute to work for the average American continues to increase, with a recent survey showing it takes nearly 27 minutes. Researchers have found that the more time your employees spend driving to and from work, the unhappier they are.

Commuter Benefits let your employees set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for eligible expenses incurred on their work commute. These plans give them a financial incentive to spend less time behind the wheel. And that allows them to focus on their lives rather than a stressful drive, while giving them an opportunity to clear their heads before and after their work shifts.

Boost employee wellness

There’s a direct correlation between driving and weight gain. One study even found that people who drive to work have higher body mass indexes than those who don’t.

You and your employees reap the benefits when you put their health and wellness first. A lack of physical activity is a main cause for someone developing a chronic disease, and these diseases are responsible for 75 percent of all healthcare costs. Plus, healthy employees are more productive than unhealthy ones. That’s why offering Commuter Benefits is not only a smart move for a comprehensive benefits package, but also makes sense for a comprehensive employee wellness program 

Reduce employee stress

Workplace stress is harmful to your business, leading to missed deadlines, employee turnover and damage to your company image. Stress can lead to an assortment of health problems for your employees, starting with headaches, muscle tension and chest pain. And chronic stress can cause mental health issues, cardiovascular disease and obesity over the long haul.

Commuter Benefits helps reduce employee stress in a couple ways:

  • These plans provide incentives for employees to take mass transit or vanpool to work, helping to reduce the effects of driving-related stress on their commute to work.
  • Employees save money with Commuter Benefits, which improves their financial wellness. Nearly half of employees say financial stress has caused them to miss work or has negatively affected their productivity.

Find out more about how offering Commuter Benefits can help employees at your workplace. Complete the form above to download your free white paper.

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