Discovery Benefits Takes the Lead in HSA Growth

March 10, 2017

With the release of Devenir’s latest Health Savings Account (HSA) trends report, Discovery Benefits has taken the lead in HSA growth, adding a greater percentage of HSA assets over the last year than any other HSA administrator. 

Discovery Benefits fastest-growing HSA administrator

To what do we attribute this significant uptick in engagement? 

HSAs are becoming a central part of the healthcare package. With more employers making the switch to high-deductible health plans and a new administration in place that has hinted health savings accounts will play an important role in the future of healthcare, it’s no surprise these savings vehicles are becoming more widespread.

More consumers want affordability and choice.

And HSAs offer just that. By allowing consumers to pay for qualified expenses pre-tax and having no “use or lose” risk, HSAs give participants the ability to save money and then choose when and how they want to spend it down the road.

Simplicity and convenience that comes with a leading HSA administrator. 

Discovery Benefits makes it easier than ever for consumers to get the most value from their health savings accounts. By allowing an HSA to be paired with a Limited FSA for maximum savings, offering one debit card and one online account for all benefits and providing a free mobile app that makes it incredibly simple to monitor account activity, participants have an easy time choosing to enroll in a Discovery Benefits HSA.

Are you offering the latest and greatest in consumer-directed benefits to your employees? If not, there’s no time like the present. Read up on our HSAs today. 

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