Individual health savings account—
an alternative way to pay for health care expenses

An HSA is a health care savings account you use along with a high deductible health plan. It resembles an individual retirement account so closely you could think of it as a medical IRA. The similarities include:

  • Your deposits are tax-free and your money grows, tax-free.
  • You decide how to invest and grow your money.
  • You can withdraw funds anytime for qualified medical expenses, tax-free.
  • When you reach age 65, you can withdraw your money without penalty and use it for whatever you want (taxes will apply if the money is withdrawn for something other than a qualified medical expense).

Already enrolled through your employer?  Log in here.

Steps to a successful Individual Health Savings Account (HSA)

Once you have enrolled in a high deductible health insurance plan:

  1. Enroll in the HSA
    • Once enrolled, log in HERE
  2. Deposit money automatically from your bank account into your HSA
    • Direct deposit is set up when you enroll, so you don’t have to remember to make deposits on your own
  3. Manage your funds:
  4. Spend on medical expenses
  5. Collect your money
    • Spend directly from your account using your Discovery Benefits Debit Card
    • HSA distribution to your bank account
  6. Save your receipts

If you have any questions regarding your account give us a call at (877) 765-8815.

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